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Our Mission

To fulfill Allah's command "and proclaim the Hajj among men…" (22:27), that they may fulfill the fifth pillar of which the foundation of the religion of Al-Islam is built. To aid and facilitate in the complete preparation, education, and implementation of the rites of Hajj as provided by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in a way that is pleasing to Allah (swt).

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Alhamdullilah, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah just announced the resumption of Umrah in phases starting October 4, 2020. The initial phases will be for pilgrims from within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a gradual increase in number of pilgrims allowed through time.

Starting November 1, 2020, pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia will be allowed entry into the Kingdom gradually, country by country, based on approval by the Saudi Ministry of Health. We are hoping that pilgrims from the USA & Canada will be approved for Umrah at the earliest timeframe.

We at Al-Mu'adhdhan Hajj Group are in contact with relevant authorities for more information on the resumption of Umrah for North American pilgrims and including the required precautionary safety measures before travel as well as within the Kingdom. InshaAllah, you will be among the first to know this information as soon as we have the details.

So please rejoice in the good news and stay tuned.

We are humbled at the thought of the opportunity to serve you, with humility, in the most sacred place on earth!

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala bless you and your family, keep you safe and secure and invite you to His Sacred House soon.


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May Allah (swt) grant the intended Hajj travelers an invitation to His house this year and an acceptable Hajj.