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Our Mission

To fulfill Allah's command "and proclaim the Hajj among men…" (22:27), that they may fulfill the fifth pillar of which the foundation of the religion of Al-Islam is built. To aid and facilitate in the complete preparation, education, and implementation of the rites of Hajj as provided by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in a way that is pleasing to Allah (swt).

2017 Itinerary to be listed closer to Hajj 2017


  1. To increase the awareness of believing Muslims of their obligation of performing Hajj.
  2. To serve as a forum for the exchange of vital information on how to prepare and perform the fifth pillar of Al-Islam.
  3. To serve as a catalyst in increasing the desire of Believers throughout the ummah to fulfill their duty to Allah.
  4. To serve as a catalyst in unifying the Hajj groups in Philadelphia and throughout the USA.

The Rite of Hajj

  1. We use the Qu’ran and Hadith to answer the following basic question on Hajj.
  2. Why - Why are we obligated to make Hajj.
  3. Who - Who is obligated to make Hajj.
  4. Where - Where are the rites of Hajj performed.
  5. When - When is Hajj performed.
  6. How - How are the rites performed.
  7. Benefits - The benefits of Hajj Mabrur.


  1. Group has over 30 years experience of providing service and collectively performed 35 hajjs and 5 umrahs.
  2. Have conducted hundreds of workshops on Hajj to ensure proper preparation of perspective Hajjis.
  3. Have recruited and led hundreds of Hajjis to the Bait Allah.
  4. Have ongoing promotion to increase the awareness of Muslims of their obligation to perform the Hajj.
  5. Have conducted seminars on Hajj for the Philadelphia School Board for teachers enrolled in cultural diversity classes.
  6. Have conducted seminars on Hajj to graduate students at Cheyney University enrolled in Humanities class.
  7. Have been catalyst in unifying several Hajj groups in Philadelphia to bring about unity and reduce the cost for perspective Hajjis.


  1. Hajji Mervin Khalil Ghani - Chairman and founder of Al-Mu’adhdhan Hajj Group
  2. Hajjah Zakiyyah Muhammad - Treasurer
  3. Hajjah Teal Ellington - Secretary
  4. Hajjah Fatima Abdul-Malik - Maintains website

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